Daytime dogging


It’s one thing to go dogging at night, but we all know daytime dogging is where the real action is. There is something very special about going out in the daytime and having sex, just finding a spot to do it can be the hardest thing. I was out walking with my partner just the other day, we both started to feel the urge for sex, rather than going all the way home we figured we should just sneak behind a bush and go for it. We were like animals, he bent me over and while people were walking past he was driving me hard. The amount of times we could have got caught was huge, but daytime dogging is like that for a good reason. I always make sure to wear a nice short skirt, that makes it very easy for him to just bend me over and give me daytime dogging. I’m certain we can find other daytime dogging lovers to come and the fun, just get in touch with us and we’ll hook up for a weekend with nothing but daytime dogging. I’m so lucky to have a man that enjoys daytime dogging as much as I do, I’d hate to think about all the guys and girls out there who don’t have a partner to go daytime dogging with. Sign up to UK Dogging Co for free!

Is there something that turns you on about dogging like nothing else? I’d be interested in hearing about it. I’m actually considering starting a local daytime dogging group, getting a bunch of us together to go out dogging in public would be totally awesome. I’m ready for our next daytime dogging adventure, are you? My boyfriend is keen to get out there in public again, we want as many couples as we can to come and join us. I’m open to other suggestions as well, you might have an awesome idea about a great place for daytime dogging, if so we’d be happy if you shared it with us. Let’s all just get to know each other and find real dogging locations, it’s helping us all achieve that common goal of local dogging sex. If you take the time to get in touch with me, I’ll be sure to return the favour and send you a message as well. Let’s try to get the best daytime dogging community going as we can, hope to talk with you soon!