Why sex outdoors is fun


For most men and women, regardless of whether they are the outdoor type or someone who just love staying at home, having sex outdoors is one of the top sexual fantasies and the mere thought of having sex in public places, outdoors or in an open area is just sexually arousing.

The main reason for this is because it is in our nature as human beings. We are sensual creatures who were meant to be one with nature. Fantasizing or even having sex outdoors is actually a natural instinct so it’s no surprise that most of us long to gratify our sexual thirsts regarding this. Getting kinky outdoors and having animal like sex without a care in the world if you get caught is such an aphrodisiac which tickle both our physical and emotional states. I mean be honest; the mere fact of discussing outdoor sex is as powerful as having the dirty deed actually done. Register Now For Free & Try Outdoor Sex!

Outdoor sexual intercourse is fun because it is beyond the ordinary. Making love or having dirty explicit fuck sessions in a bedroom or any part of the house can get a bit dull and may come off as a routine. Doing it outside is a big change and like every people here on Earth, things that are experimental often give us the major adrenaline rush that we are looking for especially if we live a habitual lifestyle. Getting out of your bedroom and exploring your partner’s body while outdoors or in a public place is incomparable.

The sexual urge, thrill and fun of having sex outdoors is a pleasure than be traced back to our childhood. I don’t want to sound like some Freudian university professor, but fucking outdoors is a way to slip back to our simple childhood pleasures of playing outside, interacting at the playground or just exploring the backyard when we were toddlers. As kids we were happy outside as we play, and that is a simple but concrete proof which reflects our passion when it comes to this sexual fetish.

For those who are boxed in, sex outdoors is regarded as immoral, indecent and just a taboo beyond our social norms. It is simply not. Proof of this is the gaining popularity of dogging which covers outdoor and public sex, exhibitionism, wife watching, cuckold and orgies. People are now discovering the fun and sexual gratification of dogging and they are doing it every day and everywhere.

Imagine having passionate sex in an outdoor area, with the sun kissing you and your partner’s bare bodies and without any care in the world if someone will walk-in and see your dirty deed. Thinking of it just makes us horny beyond belief. But thinking and doing is two different matters. It’s time you experience the fun of dogging and outdoor sex. You’ll be surprised how satisfying it is. Sign up and meet real dogging sluts!

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